About PayLock

PayLock is a licensed financial payment services provider. We help you to manage freelancers and global remote workers you hire from your personal and professional networks. Only once both parties are happy with services provided does PayLock release funds.

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The Complete Toolkit for Safe, Secure Business

You can easily create an account and secure your payments with our Secure Wallet Account.

Our meticulously designed dashboard will help you to easily create a transaction and secure your money until you're satisfied with the progress of your project or business.

Send and receive money from all over the world securely without hassle.

Problem & Solution

Problems faced by our customer segments and the solutions PayLock provides.


For business consultants and freelancers
  • Do you have a new client or new customer you don't know?
  • Do you want to make payments to your clients based on milestones?
  • Want assurances about your clients' ability to pay for services rendered?


PayLock is here to help you!
  • PayLock holds your funds in trust until all obligations of your transaction are met and only then are the funds released.
  • Easily time the release of funds based on the delivery of milestones from our platform.
  • Once the funds are put in PayLock's Escrow Accounts, you can be rest assured that you're getting paid after fulfilling your obligations.


How PayLock Works?

Register on PayLock.

Register on PayLock and create a transaction. Fill in the parties and the terms of the deal. You can upload any documentation covering the transaction if necessary.

Connect with the counterparty.

PayLock will then invite the other party to your transaction. If there is a need to negotiate further with the counterparty, go ahead and negotiate to make sure both of you have a win-win situation at the end of the day.

Deposit the transaction amount.

Deposit the funds onto your PayLock wallet in order to transfer it into our secure Escrow Account. Your counterparty has to confirm that the amount is correct before you can proceed to transfer it into our secure Escrow Account.

Transfer the funds to PayLock.

Once the funds are approved by your counterparty, you can transfer it into PayLock's secure Escrow Account and we'll hold it in trust until all obligations of your transaction are met and only then can you the counterparty receive the funds. When the transactions are met, you can simply approve payment to your counterparty and PayLock will transfer the funds to them promptly.

Specify how you want to be paid.

You or your counterparty that is receiving the funds can choose how you want to be paid, whether through your bank account or through mobile money across Africa.


Our pricing

$ 0.00
PayLock fee
$ 0.00
Processing fee
$ 0.00
Total transaction cost
$ 0.00
3.5% processing charge on loading your wallet
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This calculator estimate the total fees associated with your transaction.

PayLock fee is calculated from:

  • how long you're keeping the money on PayLock
    the country you're transacting from
    the amount involved
Withdrawal amount
$ 0.00
Transfer charge
$ 0.00
Due amount
$ 0.00
The amount entered cannot be withdrawn

What's included in the fee?

  • Both parties verified by identity checks
    We help you through any disputes
    Funs are held until both parties are happy

What we offer

Transact business with people you don't know with total confidence.

Multiple Payment Options

You can choose from several payment options - Mobile Money, Credit Card and Debit Card.

Easily create & track transactions

Easily track the progress of your project. Commit to only milestone projects in progress.

Secure your funds

PayLock secures your funds until both parties are satisfied with the outcome.

24/7 support services

We have a dedicated team in charge of helping you with all your questions and onboarding processes.



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